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EPA issues ruling on D4 RINs for ethanol to Biojet fuel production

EPA has issued a ruling allowing Lanzajet to issue D4 RINs at 1.6x based on undenatured ethanol feedstock to either Jet or Renewable diesel. This would apply only to the Soperton process used by Lanzajet 10 Mil gallon pilot plant (50,000MT). The process passed the 54-55% GHG savings Vs mineral Jet fuel or Diesel. Static about Sustainable Aviation fuel (SAF) remains strong on all continents yet production and production process vary greatly. Production capabilities from other feedstocks mainly Vegetable oil remain at the moment at ~ 500,000 Metric Tons while market for Jet fuel is close to 400 Million MT... that is 0.001 of the jet fuel pool! published prices for jet fuel in Northwest Europe are $3382 per Metric Ton which is 263% green premium versus Diesel. France 1% mandate for SAF is now in force for 2023 and will move to 2% next year. Air France has already hiked ticket prices yet no carbon offset has been included for the 99% jet fuel burned in the ticket prices.

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