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No Palm and soon no Soyoil feedstock for Europe?

The very bias soy study published by the Transport and Environment blames Amazon deforestation on biofuels when in fact 80% of a Soybean is actually protein used for animal feed. Yes it is true that soy oil value contribution has reached 48% but it is quite unfair to blame it all on Soyoil since admittedly, by its own analysis, 1/5 of it is being used for biofuels. This report completely disregard the fact that this 1/5 of Soyoil used for biofuels is responsible for 50% reductions in Green House Gases Vs Diesel comparator used. This is the sort of study that misinforms the public that politicians use as evidence for policies that actually hurt consumers by both raising the costs of Biodiesel and ultimately lead us into wrong directions. Refer to the authors of the study An NGO made up of ex EU MP funded by the European Climate Foundation and also the Climate Imperative Foundation (circular ex-European MP being funded by other ex-European MP and commissioners like Pascal Lamy)

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