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EU orders registration of all imported biodiesel cargo from China

Looks like EU producer's complaints finally yielded some results with EU Commission although no evidence has been shown publicly to anyone. Investigation will take time as it seems to refer to possible circumvention of Indonesian countervailing duties. At first the complaints of EU producers centered on abuses of advanced feedstocks but now seem to have shifted to the use of imported PME from Indonesia by Chinese importers/producers. This custom registration for all Chinese Biodiesel imports into EU is rather dramatic for importers as with any investigation of impropriety, it is always the importer that will be the responsible for any retroactive duties or penalties. Therefore the consequences of this EU action is immediate (aug 17) and few if anyone will be willing to import Chinese Biodiesel as it would expose them to the results of the investigation. Risk/Reward here is poor. This action by EU commission essentially resembles a total restriction on Biodiesel imports from China leaving them with excess Biodiesel capacity and lots of UCO to export now to EU and elsewhere.

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