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EPA advises against EV RINs ahead of Jun14 RVO White House recommendations

So much work wasted to assimilate EV RINs into RFS are now docked into oblivion despite Dept of Energy pushing for it to especially help GM and Ford expansion into EVs. This will simply put a floor under RINs at 1.50 per gallon which is still expensive for most independent refiners who are still enjoying for the moment record crack margins. Always better to have refiners against you than the farmers during an election year. This will introduce a dilemma for the RVOs in Nov as EPA previously made room for EV RINs in the cellulosic category. Wonder what new complication this will introduce but my feeling is that with lower priced feedstocks and stagnant energy prices, the White House will choose to leave RVOs unchanged as timing will fall right in middle of COP28 (Climate talks).

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