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EIA data shows extraordinary +31% expansion of Renewable diesel in US and hidden impact on feedstocks use

This chart shows how Renewable diesel is actually replacing much of the operable Biodiesel capacity through Oct. Total Renewable diesel reached 3.857 Billion Gallons or nearly 11 Mil Mt. What is more extraordinary this year is how this was achieved by reducing the % usage of Soybean oil in favor of canola/Rapeseed oil, Tallow and Yellow Grease. We will also be seeing the "other" category (UCO) taking its rightful place as US ramps up Used Cooking Oil imports from China and other ASEAN origins. Since EIA data always lags by 3 months it is easy to discern vessel shipments and forecast that such other category could easily reach 10% of feedstock usage in 2024 as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) does its work to promote Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) economics in the United States.

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